PedalTripr Bike Travel Insurance

We know how important bike security and protection is to our adventurers when travelling the globe, and rightly so.

Most of us would rather take our own bikes on a trip than hire one out. Unfortunately, we’re all aware of the issues when taking a bike on your travels.

  • What if something happens to my bike during transit?
  • How do I get back to my accommodation if the worst happens on a ride?
  • What if I crash my bike and it’s unrideable?

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Bikmo Cycle Insurance, so you can make sure your bike’s covered wherever you are in the world with their 365 Worldwide cover, which is included as standard.

Bikmo Cycle Insurance


Bikmo is cycle insurance, by cyclists. Their policy offers theft, accidental damage and vandalism cover for your bikes and kit, plus the option of cover for yourself. They even cover your bike box and for emergency bike hire.

Save money with Pedaltripr

To help Pedaltripr customers save time and money, we’ve partnered with Bikmo to offer you an exclusive discount on your policy (a minimum premium applies). The discount is available to any of our users who enquire about a trip. To claim your discount, simply fill out a trip enquiry form for any holiday advertised on Pedaltripr and we’ll send you an exclusive discount for Bikmo.