Cycling holidays have always been popular but there’s no doubt that the recent increase in their popularity is being driven in part by e-biking and all the possibilities it affords.


Cycling offers you a great way to see a country and explore it at length. Even over the course of a small trip, you can cover so much ground and see many sites of a particular place. Well, now those possibilities are even greater thanks to the options opened up by e-bikes. They allow you to cover even greater distances, as well as various terrains as you explore a location on holiday.

The Rise of e-Biking

People are realising that they can make their ride as strenuous or as laid back as they want it to be, regardless of the location they choose. That’s the main thing that makes e-biking different.

When you’re cycling up a Tuscan hill on an ordinary bike, you can start to have regrets about the whole trip. But you won’t feel that way with an e-bike because the bike can do a lot of the work for you when you need it to. But you can also choose to take on more of the load yourself on occasions when you want more of a challenge.

e-Biking Holidays and Tours

There are all kinds of e-biking holidays and tours you can take and enjoy, either at your own pace or as part of a guided tour. Many people explore the Netherlands by bike because of the great cycling infrastructure there. But there many other places just as suited to an e-biking holiday, including Tuscany as mentioned above.

Spain is another fantastic country for e-biking tours. You can explore Tenerife and not be troubled by the terrain or the climbs thanks to your e-bike. Elsewhere in Spain, many people head to the Catalan coast and travel by e-bike between the many small villages found in that idyllic corner of the world.

A Holiday That Can Suit Various Needs and Preferences

No matter how strenuous or relaxing you want your e-bike holiday to be, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you and the people you’re holidaying with. From relaxing and picturesque rides through France and cycling on the flat land of the Netherlands to Tenerife and cycling in the Douro Valley; there are so many flavours of e-bike holidays.

Lots of people choose to go cycling point to point in order to explore a place. But others decide that they’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled ride and use the power offered by e-bikes to climb more hills and explore mountainous regions. The great thing about e-bikes is that they can do both equally well, covering all bases.

There are e-biking holiday possibilities out there for everyone, and if you’d like to book one with us, browse the options here on our website. For all the reasons mentioned above, e-bike holidays are fantastic for all levels; your next trip could provide the unforgettable experience you’ve been searching for.