Family Cycling

Get the family together for an easy going, healthy, fun-packed cycling adventure!


Family holidays don’t have to be all about visiting the beach and playing in the hotel pool. More and more families are beginning to understand the appeal of family cycling holidays. They not only offer a great way for families to see places they’ve never visited before, broadening children’s horizons in the process, but they also provide families with an active trip that promotes exercise and exploration.

Why Should You Take Your Family on a Cycling Holiday?

Families benefit from the chance to spend active time together. When you’re looking to see a place and show your children more of the world and nature, cycling holidays offer the ideal way in which to do that. They get to see some incredible landscapes for the very first time.

Parents are also increasingly keen to find ways in which they can encourage their children to be more active. Cycling offers a way to break free of those screens and devices for a while and get out there in the world being active. It can engender a love of activity and the natural environment.

You can take things at your own pace and see lots of places along the way. When all’s said and done, it’s a big adventure and that’s what makes cycling holidays so much fun for kids and adults alike. It all represents great quality time together for families.

Some of the Best Destinations for Cycling Holidays

There are so many places for families to visit on cycling tours. If you’re looking for something picturesque and easygoing, The Netherlands and Belgium are both great for cycling tours. They’re both home to some stunning landscapes, but they’re also flat and easy for kids to cycle.

Italy is also a good place to consider if you’re looking for a summer spot that’s more likely to offer good weather and warm conditions. Lots of families head to Sardinia and places like that because they’re very pretty and there are good paths for cycling.

The UK also has a lot to offer in terms of family cycling holidays, so you don’t have to go far to experience a trip like this. The Lake District is particularly popular with British families and there are plenty of other options, such as in Derbyshire.

Tips for Families Looking to Organise a Cycling Holiday

We offer a wide range of cycling holidays for families, so you should be sure to check these out and see if any of them suit you. We’re proud to offer so many exciting opportunities to families and we know you’ll have a great time with whichever one you decide to choose. Find more details about them here on our website.

If you want to plan your own trip, be sure to research the destination in depth before making any concrete plans. It needs to be suitable and appealing to the whole family, and you should think ahead in terms of bike hire. It’s generally easier to use a reliable bike hire company than to take your own bikes with you.