Fat Bike

Not just for winter and snow, fat bikes can bring a dose of fun to the beach, the desert - in fact, anywhere where adventure is on the agenda!


With the recent increase in fat bike holidays and adventures, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about and why you should care. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We love fat biking and that’s why we offer a range of tours that focus on it. It’s a form of cycling that involves riding bikes with tyres that are fatter than usual, offering suspension and a comfortable cycling experience that’s great for off-roading

What Are Fat Bikes All About?

As stated above, fat bikes have wider tyres, usually about 3.8 inches but they can be as wide as 5 inches in some instances or even more than that. Generally, there are no suspension forks, which makes these bikes different from mountain bikes. The width of the tyres offer the suspension instead and the air pressure in the tyres is kept low.

All of that makes them ideal bikes for exploring rough trails, muddy terrains, sand and snow. To put it simply, they’re great for all kinds of adverse conditions in which other bikes might struggle to perform in. They make riding difficult terrains comfortable when they might otherwise be difficult and tiring for many cyclists.

As a result, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to cyclists. It makes it easy for pretty much anyone to explore rough and challenging terrains without having to deal with quite as many problems along the way. And for those looking for bigger challenges, it allows them to take those challenges on too.

Places to Explore on Fat Bike Tours

There are lots of great places that are best explored on a fat bike. We offer trips in the snow to hunt the Northern Lights. Take a jeep to the backcountry and then explore on fat bikes from there until we catch a glimpse of the stunning Northern Lights in the sky above. We also offer fat bike helibiking tours; these also involve exploring the Arctic wilderness.

Desert locations can be just as great to explore on a fat bike, and that’s why many people head to Egypt, Namibia and Abu Dhabi, among many other desert locations. Iceland is a country with a very varied landscape, making it another good place to ride a fat bike.

There are really no limits on what you can do with your fat bike. They’re ideally suited to so many different kinds of environments and terrains and that’s something that should definitely be embraced. Many people even enjoy exploring swamps and muddy landscapes on their fat bikes; there’s something for everyone.

We offer a range of fat bike cycling tours, so don’t hesitate to browse the options here on our site. We’re always keen to hear from anyone who’s interested in making a booking so don’t hesitate to contact with any questions you might have. When you take a fat bike cycling tour with us, you’ll have an experience you won’t forget and you’ll want to do it all over again soon after.