Provence is a region in the southeast of France that borders both Italy and the Mediterranean sea. It’s known as a location for beautiful, vast and diverse landscapes, making it an excellent destination for a cycling adventure.


When to Visit

The best period to visit would be between early summer and late autumn. During spring, the flowers will be in bloom and you’ll be cycling next to beautiful fields of poppies and lavender. The summer months can be crowded and hot, but it makes for a fantastic general holiday with cycling mixed in. Provence quiets down during the autumn months but the weather is still warm and the flowers still make for a wonderful backdrop.

Gacholle Lighthouse Loop

The Gacholle Lighthouse Loop is a brilliant way to start your cycling holiday in Provence. The loop takes you around the lakes Étang de Vaccarès and Étang de Monro, passing through Port Gardian and the Gacholle Lighthouse.

Mont Ventoux

For a more challenging route, make sure your route passes through the legendary “Bald Mountain” Mont Ventoux which was once a mountain top finish of the Tour de France. It’s known as the hardest of all the Tour de France climbs, so don’t approach this without training!

Gorge de la Nesque

The Gorges de la Nesque area is the perfect cycling route with majestic views, scents of lavender and a surprisingly accommodating series of amenities where the locals are more than willing to welcome you into their local patisseries for a quick snack and a drink.

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