Gravel & Bikepacking

Gravel grinding, adventure riding call it what you will, but what is clear, this new form of cycling is grabbing the attention of all types of cyclists.


Gravel riding and bikepacking tours are becoming increasingly popular as more people look for unique and interesting ways to spend their time abroad or within the UK. Lots of people who have been on cycling holidays in the past crave something new and something different; that’s exactly what gravel riding offers. It’s a chance to get off the beaten track and explore landscapes that are a little more rugged and challenging.

Gravel Riding

One of the obvious things that’s so appealing about gravel riding is the chance it offers to get off the road. When you’re on a gravel track, you rarely have to worry about cars or traffic or any of those issues. You can focus on the beautiful landscapes around you and the gravel track ahead of you, and that’s the way it should be.

If it sounds appealing but you’re yet to try it out for yourself, now’s the right time to do so. It really is the next big thing in cycling as more people discover its appeal. There are so many adventures out there and you’ll see things you’ve never witnessed before, all from the saddle of your bicycle.


Bikepacking is when you take a trip through a remote location, packing light and travelling the whole way on your bike. These kinds of adventures usually involve gravel riding and they often follow specific routes or tours. It’s the first way in which many people experience gravel riding and it can be a lot of fun.

You can camp along the way as well if you want to. Many people head bikepacking for a day or two while others challenge themselves with longer trips, but it’s entirely up to you. That’s what it’s all about; having the freedom to create your own adventure and explore a landscape and a range of rugged terrains that you want to experience.

The Best Places to Take a Gravel Riding Tour

There are so many places in which you can gravel ride. That’s one of the great things about it. You have the chance to explore terrains that you might not otherwise explore with other types of riding. Lots of people head to Iceland where the landscapes are very rugged and varied throughout, but Israel and Spain can be great options too.

You can head up to the French Alps or even the Italian Dolomites for this kind of adventure. The options are virtually limitless. If you’re interested in heading to Spain, the medieval locations of Girona can be particularly appealing as there are gravel trails you can rid on there. It really comes down to where you most want to explore.

With so many fantastic gravel riding adventures out there to be had, you shouldn’t hesitate to browse our tours and find one that you feel suits you. Book today and start looking forward to your gravel riding tour; it’ll be an experience that you won’t want to forget and we’ll make sure of that. Get in touch if you have any further questions.