Italian Alps

The Eastern Alps in Italy are bursting with character and it’s this that make them stand out from any other mountainous cycling range on the continent.

There are so many reasons to cycle in the Italian Alps if you’ve never done it before. The views are simply incredible and will take your breath away, no matter how prepared you think you are for them. The gradients are just as impressive, and there’s something really fun about cycling the same paths as the pros who ride the Giro d’Italia each year.

Popular Cycling Routes

There are plenty of great places in the Italian Alps to cycle, so you certainly won’t be short of options if you do decide to head to there. Here are a few of the top picks that you’ll definitely want to consider cycling.

Stelvio Pass

This mountain pass is one of the most popular and challenging in the Italian Alps. Anyone who loves mountain cycling probably already knows a lot about Stelvio Pass. It’s one of the highest in the alps at 2757 meters high and it’s also one of the most naturally beautiful as well. You’ll probably want to take it a little slower just so you can admire the surroundings.

Via Claudia Augusta

Via Claudia Augusta runs through the Italian Alps but it also contains parts in Germany and Austria too. So if you want to take on a big challenge that spans nations, this could be the one for you. It’ll certainly be a challenge for you, even if you’re an experienced cyclist. But it’s worth exploring nonetheless.

Passo Giau

Passo Giau is one of the most visited cycle routes in all of the Italian Alps. It’s a major pass that features in many important races and it’s also a simply incredible climb. It’s found high in the mountains in the province of Belluno. It’s a testing mountain pass because of how steep it is, but it’s not too long.

Cycling & The Italian Alps

The Italian Alps are prestigious when it comes to professional cycling and the history of it in the region. The most obvious race to mention is the Giro d’Italia. It’s a multi-stage race that’s held mostly in Italy and passes through the Alps. It’s one of the best spectator cycling races in the sport right now and people from around the world tune in to watch it on TV each year. It’s not the only race to feature the Italian Alps though.

When to Cycle in The Italian Alps

Planning when to go cycling in the Italian Alps is very important because the experience will vary massively depending on the time of year you choose. If you’re cycling in mountainous regions in Italy, it makes sense to cycle during the summer months. Most people recommend July in August. At the highest points, snow will still be blocking your way even in June. If you want to explore lower ground around the Alps, May and June will be fine, as well September and October.

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