Road Cycling

The reasons to love road cycling go far beyond commuting, improving your health and doing your bit for the environment. Road cycling offers endless adventure, exhilaration, cold, sweat, pain and of course, cafe stops.


Road cycling tours can come in all shapes and sizes. There are so many types of holidays that incorporate cycling in one way or another and it just goes to show how popular cycling is nowadays. It gives people the chance to do more and see more when they’re visiting a place and want to make the most of it. It can be done via a guided tour or a self-guided one, depending on your preferences. Here are some examples of holidays that incorporate road cycling.

Point to Point Tours

Point to point bike tours involve moving from location to location throughout the trip. You’ll ride to one spot, stay there for the night and then move on the following day. It’s about spending the day cycling to new places, seeing them, exploring, spending the night and then discovering the next one. It can be the ideal way to fit a lot into a short trip.

Leisure Breaks

Just because you’re spending time on your bike, that doesn’t mean it has to be strenuous or challenging. Some people like mountain biking and adventuring, but cycling slowly and steadily through a luscious countryside location, taking in the sides and enjoying the atmosphere is just as legitimate and just as fun for many people. biking can be a vital aspect of a leisurely holiday.

Exploring Cities Suited to Cycling

There are some wonderful cities that are ideally suited to bike exploration. If you love road cycling and you enjoy exploring metropolitan areas, this can be the ideal type of cycling holiday for you. The Netherlands is a standout in terms of urban cycling because of the lanes and paths they have, so you might want to consider a trip to Amsterdam or Groningen. But Copenhagen, Strasbourg and Tokyo are also among the many cities that are suited to cycling.

Road Tours for People Seeking a Physical Challenge

If you really want to test yourself in a road cycling setting, why not find a physical challenge that you haven’t taken on before? Many cyclists do this by travelling to cycling sportives and taking part in competitions. There are lots of these around the world and they can form the basis of a good holiday if that’s what you’re looking for. There are sportives for people of most experience levels and abilities as well.

Mountain Breaks

Spending time in a mountainous area is great when you’re looking to stay somewhere natural and remote, cut off from the business of everyday life. And many people incorporate mountain biking and exploration into these kinds of trips. It brings a little excitement and intensity to these kinds of breaks.

Whether you’re looking to explore the French countryside and canals or challenge yourself in the Alps, there’s a holiday for everyone that incorporate cycling in one way or another. Road cycling is a big part of that and the road cycling tours we offer shouldn’t be missed. Book one today or get in touch to find out more.