Not everyone wants harsh climbs and bumpy roads when they go cycling.

If what you’re looking for is smooth roads, nice weather and an enjoyable cycling experience, you should head to Mallorca next. Many professional cyclists and cycling teams use Mallorca as a base camp for its accommodating cycling infrastructure and routes. But it’s just as popular with amatuer cyclists too. The terrain is mixed too, meaning you can find a route or stretch of route that’s right for you no matter what your preferences are.

Popular Cycling Routes

Mallorca has a wide variety of cycling routes, so you should explore them all before you head there and see which are right for you. With such a mixed terrain, you won’t have any trouble finding a route that you enjoy. Here are some of the very best.

Sa Calobra

This is the climb that you’ve probably heard about before because it’s the most well known route on the island. It’s also probably the most challenging climb in Mallorca and quite unlike what the rest of the island has to offer cyclists. Many people come here to test themselves against it, but it’s pretty fun and enjoyable too.

Cap de Formentor

At the northern tip of Mallorca, there’s the Cap de Formentor route. It’s 19 km long and is quite hilly throughout the route. However, you don’t have to worry because it’s not particularly steep at any point across the route. You’ll pass through tunnels and see all sorts of landscapes. It’s definitely a fun and varied ride.

Southern Tramuntana Coastal Road

The Southern Tramuntana coastal road is considered by many as one of the best places to cycle in Mallorca. Following the coastal road makes the views even more impressive and it’s very good for a peaceful ride even if you’re not a harcore cyclist. The road itself is very smooth and easygoing and you have some of the best view of the Med to your right.

Cycling & Mallorca

As mentioned above, Mallorca is very highly regarded as a cycling destination by amateurs and professionals alike. Team Sky is one of the many cycling teams have have used the island as a training base in the past. You’ll often seem amateurs and professional peletons mixing with amateurs on the key cycling routes in Mallorca. In terms of racing, one of the key amateur events here is the International Masters Cycling Week. Vuelta a Mallorca is a key professional event too. It’s clear that cycling is a big part of life in Mallorca, and it’s fast becoming one of the main cycling hubs outside of France and away from the Alps.

When to Cycle in Mallorca

The official cycling seasons in Mallorca happen between February and May and then September to October. This is when races and events happen. In terms of when you want to visit the country to cycle, you’ll probably be best sticking to the windows of time I just mentioned. That’s mainly because the humidity and climate of Mallorca make it difficult and unpleasant to cycle in the main summer months.

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