The Netherlands Cycling Holidays

A holiday is the opportunity to experience new places, see new sights and immerse yourself in new cultures.

It’s also an opportunity to learn and grow even as you relax. However, for many hardcore cyclists, it’s easy to get restless while on holiday. The good news, however, is that there are a multitude of incredible cycling destinations all over Europe. These places offer the inveterate cyclist an opportunity to test their skills while enjoying some staggeringly beautiful vistas and stunning spots which are off the beaten track of most tourism routes.

Holland is a prime example of this. Amsterdam alone is synonymous with cycling. With its rich history of cycling, easy flat terrain and plethora of natural and architectural beauty one could argue that the best way to experience this gorgeous country is by bike.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonders Holland has to offer cyclists...

Most popular cycling areas in Holland

Holland has no shortage of stunning cycling routes that should appeal to cyclists of all ages, fitness and ability levels. Some of the most famous include…

Amsterdam Forest (Amsterdamse Bos)- Perfect for those who love to be constantly close to trees, plants and nature. This stunning forest route is also paved throughout so that you can be close to nature without worrying about your wheels. With over 30 miles of trail to explore and a whole lot to see and do along the way, this is the perfect entry-level route.

Ultrecht Ridge National Park- Another stunning arboreal route, the Ultrecht Ridge National park also represents the closest Holland gets to Highlands. This beautiful national park has a wealth of well-maintained cycle paths that are all well away from motorised traffic.

Lange Linschoten: Woerden – Gouda- Those who love to cycle by the water will undoubtedly enjoy the “Lange Linschoten” stream. Surrounded on both sides lined with weeping willows and old thatched roof dairy farms dotted with grazing cows, this is a serene and beautiful route. You can also buy authentic Dutch Gouda straight from the dairy, or go canoeing on the narrow canals.

The Kinderdijk Windmills- Synonymous with Holland, the windmill is a ubiquitous Dutch icon… And the Kinderdijk Windmills are actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cycle past the largest conglomeration of traditional Dutch windmills in Holland and see the nation’s heritage up close.

The history of cycling in Holland

Holland is arguably the cycling capital of the world and has been so since bicycles first came to Holland in the 1880s. Within a decade, the Dutch were already building dedicated cycle paths. In fact, motor vehicles only really began to truly overtake cycling in Holland in the ‘70s. Even today 36% of Dutch people list the bicycle as their most regular mode of transport.

Famous races in Holland

Holland is no stranger to famous cycling races. Indeed we have a great many big ones to look forward to throughout the year including the Amstel Gold Race, the ZLM Tour, the Hammer Limburg, the Ronde van Midden Nederland and the Ronde van Drenthe to name but a few.

When to visit

While July and August are among the most popular times to visit Holland, those unconstrained by the school holidays will find that any time between early April and mid-October offers clement weather for visiting. Mid-April and May are the best times to visit if you want to see the famous Dutch tulips in full bloom.

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